Along with philosophy, I play weirdo fingerstyle guitar. I play solo rather a lot, as well as collaboratively. On the collaborative front, at the moment I am playing in five duos - Oblier (post-industrial sonic architectures with Phillip Curach), I Have Monica (duo guitar improvisations with Julia Reidy), Act for Birds (a marriage of improvised prepared guitar and analogue electronica with Mauri Edo (Supespai)), OUTSIDE / INSIDE (abstract sound art with Kevin Wolfox), and Bi-Guignol (noise guitar and throat singing with Josh Shipton). You can listen to some of my things on my bandcamp and soundcloud pages, or you may come to a show, or both!

Contact details

Department of Philosophy
Main Quadrangle A14
University of Sydney
NSW 2006

email: sebastian.sequoiah.grayson {at}