Along with philosophy, I play weirdo fingerstyle guitar. I play solo rather a lot, as well as collaboratively. On the collaborative front, at the moment I am playing in five duos - Oblier (post-industrial sonic architectures with Phillip Curach), I Have Monica (duo guitar improvisations with Julia Reidy), Act for Birds (a marriage of improvised prepared guitar and analogue electronica with Mauri Edo (Supespai)), OUTSIDE / INSIDE (abstract sound art with Kevin Wolfox), and Bi-Guignol (noise guitar and throat singing with Josh Shipton). You can listen to some of my things on my bandcamp and soundcloud pages, or you may watch some things on my youtube channel, or you may come to a show, or all of the above!

Contact details

Department of Philosophy
Main Quadrangle A14
University of Sydney
NSW 2006

email: sebastian.sequoiah.grayson {at}